Gallery / On sale 2017
I have decided to Put my paintings stored in Denmark on sale this year. I give great discounts 50% and there is a good reason for checking the sales list.   It is all paintings/drawings from 2015. Imagine....all paintings older than that are sold, I am deeply greatful for that!
You can pay with paypal and contact me via the contact formular on this webside and we will find a suitable solution for you. Assume you will self have to fetch what you buy in the Copenhagen area. If that is not possible for you, we will send it to you at your cost. 
I have put som pictures in from various exhibitions where the exact painting for sale can be seen on the wall from a standing perspective. I hope this is helpful as it sure is difficult to choose art from a digital device. I garantee, you can return and have your money back if the painting/drawing does not meet your exspectations when you have it fysically. 
I will use the opportunity to offer you a special prize to my black/white doodle drawings. They are prints in limited edition. They will be sent to you directly from Spain. Transport costs included in the prize. 
Size A4: 175 DKR / 25 EUROS (without frame)
Size A5: 100 DKR / 15 EUROS (without frame)
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All the best from Anna