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Anna Bjarnfoss is an icelandic visual artist who has been living in Denmark for 20 years. In 2015 she moved to Andalucien in Spain where she has her atelier and gallery. She works with acrylic and mixed media on canvas, paper and wooden boards.
Anna is currently inspired by american, abstract expressionism which she combines with sculptural, marble-like and sometimes surreal figures. Contrasts and emotions are keywords. Strong/weak, bright/dark, chaos/order, warm/cold and so on. 
What is normality? A question the artist comes back to again and again. Anna has an urge to describe -the inner-without words-. With the human body, or atmosphære, posure, face, color, paint, ink or pencil.
Humor is often one of the ingredienses. A very good and necessary contrast to often serious messages or situations in Annas works. There is an inner battle to be fought. About something that matters. Always. Each painting has it´s own atmosphære. Free for interpretation. 
Anna has been educated by several art schools and artists since 2006. She started exhibiting her work in 2013. 
2006         Artist Birgit Christensen, Birkerød, DK
2007         Artist Lene Sandvang, Hillerød, DK 
2009         Art Space Artschool  v/Maria Kollerup, Helsingør, DK
2011         Pop-Art school v/Mille-Maj Egbo, Frederikssund, DK          
2011         Artist Peter Siggard Andersen, Hillerød, DK
2013         Ignatius Artscool v/Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt, Copenhagen
2013         Workshops at Golden, Hundested, DK        
2014         Artist Anne Juul Christophersen, online
2014         Ignatius Artschool, Copenhagen, DK
2015         Academia Artistica Bella de Artes, v/Alicia Gómez, Fuengirola, Spain
2016         Academia Artistica Bella de Artes, v/Alicia Gómez, Fuengirola, Spain
2017         Academia Artisticia Bella de Artes. v/Alicia Gómez, Fuengirola, Spain